Welcome to Daisy's House

Thank you for dropping by.

In Daisy’s House you will find meditations, courses and our inner circle. 

For therapist training information please go through the link above.

My name is Barbara Ford-Hammond.

I am a hypnotherapist, coach and trainer who dislikes the word ‘therapy’ because the implication is that someone needs fixing or changing.

Any ‘changes’ we wish to make can be achieved by using self-hypnosis/meditation and inner-work to rebalance ourselves on a subconscious level.

This, combined with other wonderful things such as energy healing, inner peace, Circle, Reiki, Empowerment and more are all here.  

You might be wondering why this is called Daisy's House. You might not. 

I shall share anyway ~ when my new office was built it was called many names; cabin, den, little house, cave, outside building but none pleased me. My familiar, Daisy decided it was hers and she spends much of her time as my muse while I create in there.

This is where you are joining me virtually x

Below are downloadable MP3 hypnotic meditations created for your listening delight. They induce a light meditative trance state.
Please only listen when your attention is not needed elsewhere.

When you meditate you ‘are’ and you open out
When you are in hypnosis you ‘are’ and you focus in
When you are in hypnotic meditation you just ‘are’
Meditation = flowing out – in the zone
Hypnosis = flowing in – in the zone
Hypnotic meditation = flow – in the zone
By blending them you can enter the flow-zone

All the drawings have been created by Inge at Inge Randma