Past Life Journey

Hypnotic Meditation for you to Explore your Past Lives

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Beliefs vary as to the origin of “past life” memories, ranging from cell to soul memory, imagination to metaphor and ancestral to inherited. Regardless of this your subconscious is a storehouse of knowledge that catalogues every single thing you experience and files them all away in your mind. Whether they are childhood memories; past life memories or creations of your own imagination, they are valid.

Using past life regression can result in healing, change, release from phobias, unresolved pain or an underlying issue.

You might find answers to questions you didn’t know you had...  

This Hypnotic Meditation is a gentle journey inwards for you to explore your own memories safely, regardless of your need.

And, you will able to tie any and all the loose ends from your memories.

Some people ‘hold on’ to past life debris and it clutters their present life; manifesting in destructive life cycles, phobias or illness. Finding out why is liberating.

As a past life tourist you can explore at your pleasure.

Your meditation is about 30 minutes.

Included - Meditation plus booklet

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    Remembering your past lives

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